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Rising Stars Cocktails

Steph’s Margarita


● Juice of 2 limes

● 2 oz of Casamigos tequila

● 0.5 oz Cointreau

● Dash of Orange Bitters


● Mix together over ice and strain into a chilled glass!

Ashley’s Peach Bellini


● 1 cup frozen peaches

● 1/2 cup sparkling wine or Prosecco

● 1 cup crushed ice

● 4 oz peach liqueur

● 1 oz raspberry liqueur or red sangria wine for each glass


● Add the peaches, ice, and sparkling wine and peach liqueur into a blender and blend well into a slush.

● Pour the peach slush into a martini glass or wine glass. Top the peach slush with the red sangria

Katt’s Grapefruit Mojito


● 1/2 cup grapefruit juice

● 1 tbsp sugar

● Handful of mint leaves

● 4 oz white rum

● 1 cup Soda Water

● Ice


● Put the grapefruit juice, mint leaves and sugar in a large jug. Muddle the ingredients together to release the flavours and dissolve the sugar.

● Add the rum, mix well and top with soda water and ice

● Garnish with a slice of lime or grapefruit!

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