Andrea Tam

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Andrea Tam

Andrea Tam

Marketing Team Member

Andrea is the Founder of Thoughtful Instinct, where she helps empower those looking to drive community-based change more effectively understand and articulate their message through collaborative coaching, thoughtfully-considered branding, and human-centred design.

She’s proud to have led marketing and product strategy for various local initiatives dedicated to supporting vulnerable individuals, including those who may be experiencing homelessness, escaping gender-based violence, and/or living with diverse abilities.

As a new member of Make-A-Wish Rising Stars, Andrea is excited to partner with other talented volunteers who are also passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of children around the world.

When she’s not adding to her growing houseplant collection, Andrea loves learning new languages and sharpening up her poker skills.

What would your wish be?

To open a plant-based, everything-friendly bakery

Where would your ideal travel destination be?

Petra, Jordan

What is your go-to place in the city?

High Park / Junction