Kevin Behar

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Kevin Behar

Kevin Behar

Marketing Team Member

Kevin graduated with his Bachelor of Arts and MBA from Seton Hill University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). He was out there playing soccer and came back to Canada when he was afforded the opportunity to join APEX.

He has worked there for the last two years where he has worked on corporate, consumer clients and is currently an Account Consultant.

Kevin joined the Rising Stars because he has always wanted to give back. After volunteering at the Honda Indy, Kevin knew this was the right organization to be a part of.

Kevin has used his event management, social media and PR skills to aid the team wherever possible.

What would your wish be?

My wish would be to walk with penguins – wherever that may be!

Where would your ideal travel destination be?

 I would love to go to Fiji.

What is your go-to place in the city?

Any and every soccer field available – usually Cherry Beach or Polson Pier because we play and then can grab some food and drinks after.