Simon Liao

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Simon Liao

Simon Liao

Graphic Designer

Simon moved to Toronto in 2019 after living in Winnipeg for 7 years. Graduated from the University of Manitoba with a bachelor degree in Architecture, Simon has a huge passion for art and design.

He is currently working for an architecture firm and aspires to build a greener and safer environment for our future.

Simon is constantly looking for ways to give back and get involved in communities. As one of the newest members of the Rising Stars Committee, Simon’s goal is to use his graphic design skills and creative mind to help promote and present the events to the next level.

What would your wish be?

A Karaoke night with Shawn Mendes.

Where would your ideal travel destination be?

Toronto (before I moved here).

What is your go-to place in the city?

Allan Gardens for a cute walk.